Who am I ?  


 Hi, I'm Tommy. 

I'm a guitar player and I bet you are too. And yes, in the top picture, that's me standing next to my favorite guitar player of all time, Mr. Greg Howe. I started playing at 17 and was playing for about 15 years straight everything from Gary Moore to Joe Satriani (rock blues and hi-tech rock). I thought I knew it all and I loved it ! At exactly that moment I stumbled upon Greg Howe. I immediately liked his music a lot but to my surprise I couldn't understand it or even "find" his lines on the fretboard ! I was shocked and intrigued. Is that sort of you today ? Well, to finish the story, I got ... obsessed, really obsessed.  For 5 years straight I transcribed literally many hundreds of Greg's lines and ideas trying to make sense of it all. I then went on and became his private student for many years (16 hours in total !). After that I studied traditional bebop jazz (with Peter Farrell and Andreas Oberg) to really make sure I "descended" deep enough in the jazz world. The missing link for me was ... "arpeggios", that's why I totally recommend if there's only one thing you'll do on my website is grab my arpeggio guide, without a guide showing you all the arpeggio shapes learning Greg Howe's fusion style (or fusion in general) is literally impossible (button below text !). To summarize, I spent about a decade of my life figuring out fusion guitar with an accent on Greg Howe's incredible guitar style on my own and with his help. As I also really love teaching I decided mid-pandemic to start my own online guitar school/brand, "Introspection Academy" helping you how to improvise and play fusion by providing what I missed so much at the beginning of my journey, in depth explanations and accurate/detailed tablature. It puts a big smile on my face knowing that my lessons will only require you to do the very reason you are reading this ... just play and enjoy your guitar and watch your "vocabulary" and "improvisation power" transform almost instantly ! Get at least that free arpeggio guide  while you're here and start your journey into the incredible universe of Greg Howe style playing !