$97.00 USD


Sometimes clear answers on your burning questions is all you need to get unstuck for years to come and re-ignite your inspiration ! 30 years of guitar playing, 20 years of teaching and being Greg Howe's private student for years (16 hours !) ... there is no mystery or problem I haven't faced in all that time. I believe for most guitarists a one-off 60' private lesson (or a package of 4 lessons = $350) is simply the fastest way to get in to that cool Greg Howe inspired style you see me play all the time as we're working very focused on YOUR interests and challenges.

PS : After purchase, you will be taken to the Member's Library where you can schedule the lesson yourself - IMPORTANT : I only have 1 time slot per week (Saturday 3PM Central European Time).  If that time is impossible for you, don't purchase the lesson. If you want the 4 lesson package, make that clear in the first lesson so we can schedule the other 3 lessons (just make sure the extra payment of $253 is done before the second lesson).