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100 of the absolute best Greg Howe inspired lines I could design will make you not only sound exactly like him, it will simply change your playing forever.

What you'll get:

  • 4 HOURS VIDEO CONTENT demonstrating and explaining 100 super Greg Howe inspired killer lines moving to every key/mode known to manhood and every possible technique Greg has in his toolbox ! Lessons also have written summaries with "key learning points" that aid in your learning process !  
  • 35 PAGES OF DOWNLOADABLE TABLATURE : dead accurate and showing every possible execution detail ! 
  • 22 HIGH QUALITY BACKING TRACKS : literally all of my fusion backing tracks I used for the last decade and that I demonstrate all lines over are IN this course ! 
  • TO SUMMARIZE : You're literally standing on the doorstep to play and sound like world class fusion maestro GREG HOWE in a matter of days/weeks ! This effort has never been done before and it probably never will. You can keep spending money for years on courses that never really get the effect you want or get this course today to have inspiration and lines to work on for a lifetime, it really is that big ! I'm Tommy from Introspection Academy, well recognized Greg Howe's top student and expert, and I promise you ... I'm about to change you're guitar playing forever !

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : send me a mail ([email protected]) within 2 days after course purchase and I"ll refund you 100% to make sure this is a risk-free interaction with me and my Academy ! 

What People Are Saying:

Absolutely outstanding work gone into this ! I would have payed more in all honesty for this course, the info in here is ultra valuable !


I'm following the course, continuing back and forth as you have put in an infinite amount of information !


I'm congratulating you as an instructor and I'm glad you share so many concepts !


Just wanted to say your course is absolutely mind blowing, there is just so much great content ! I can't wait to pick up my guitar in the evening ! So inspiring !


I never found an instructor that helps me to understand Greg's playing like you ! I can now improvise on Greg's songs !


The material is easy to follow, video lessons are great and the tabs are superb ! There are many licks and ideas most players can benefit from even if you're not a Greg Howe fan !


For a long time I have been trying to learn Greg Howe's lines and finally I have found you ! The courses make you play guitar and most importantly, you will understand what you're playing, not just memorizing a few licks !


So informative and motivating ! I look forward to every lesson !

Franco S.